Tania Brown
(Yoga Instructor)
I have seen Mark as my sports massage therapist for a few years now and can confidently and wholeheartedly tell you he is a total legend! He is more than just a sports massage therapist, he is a genuine and authentic healer and now friend. The courses that he offers make it super accessible and affordable for me to have them very regularly and as someone who uses their body a lot it has become an invaluable part of my training and well-being.
Thanks Mark 
Luke Davies
(Vice President at Barclays)
I've been seeing Mark for several years - I exercise a lot and need to recover through massage. Mark is by far the best in the area and he is great value for his service. It's always over an hour on the table - often physiotherapists speak to you for 15 mins then you get 45 mins on the table. Never are we rushed and to top it off, he's a great guy with a lovely flat. Highly recommended and happy to take any questions direct to me before approaching Mark.
Melissa Yee
Mark is the best masseuse I've ever been to. He'll iron out every kink and stressed muscle you've got. You will come away feeling amazing. Not only that he's also lovely and has a massive smile on his face. Best hot stones in town.!!
Victoria Barrell
(Producer/Production Manager/Director)
Having consistently over the years had back problems and with a slight curvature in my spine I went to see Mark Beaton two months ago after a recommendation to begin addressing my back issue with massage. I was in low, rumbling, consistent pain each day. After two months of weekly treatments I've experienced a marked improvement in my back and don't have aches and pains everyday anymore. I also had his facial massage treatment for the first time last week after my massage and fell asleep on the couch!
Mark's an outstanding therapist and massage therapy is now a weekly investment in myself and will continue long term. It's taken me years to find a decent massage therapist whose treatments I enjoy and that actually work. Im investing in my wellness rather than just reacting to illness. If only I'd met Mark sooner.


Kamlyn Chak

(Yoga Teacher)

Mark has a wonderful healing touch and way about him, which always leaves me feeling rejuvenated and nourished after treatment. i think that what really sets Mark apart from other therapists is that he is so engaged with what he is doing and with you personally. I always feel i'm in a safe pair of hands. 

I am a Yoga Teacher, Gardener and generally a very physical person, regular treatments from Mark have been hugely beneficial for my health and wellbeing.

I would recommend him without reservation.

Lucy Boyle
I have been seeing Mark for over two years now. I first consulted him for problems with my back and neck associated with travelling and sitting at a desk for long periods of time. He has also treated me for sports injuries. Mark quickly resolved all of my aches and pains. . He is by far the best therapist that I have ever used and I will never go to anyone else. Mark is an intuitive therapist; he really listens to his clients so that he truly understands their needs. He will then devise the perfect treatment style for you, using a blend of all of the expert techniques that he is trained in if necessary (hot stone, sports massage, etc). It is an added bonus that Mark is such a wonderful person. He is a true professional but also incredibly warm and welcoming.
Book now, you won't regret it!
Cristina Bucci
(Business Development Manager)
After more than 7 years searching for the perfect massage I finally found it with Mark! I am a weekly client of his and I just ADORE his firm, strong and relaxing touch. It is just what everybody needs after a hard week of work!

David Wolfe

(Costume Designer/Film & Television)

I have been a client of Marks for the last two and a half years, having initially found him though a desperate internet search for a highly qualified sports masseuse. I was not disappointed.

Mark is both a professional and experienced masseuse. Who has a very warm approachable manner that puts you at ease. His anatomical knowledge is also commendable. I can honestly say that he has helped me tremendously.

I am a costume designer for Film and TV, and professional freelance stylist. And I have trouble finding professionals who are not only top notch, but offer a flexible, often last minute emergency appointments! Mark has always kindly done his upmost to accommodate my last minute request!

I can't recommend Mark enough, he practices from his lovely eclectic home in Brixton, and you couldn't expierence a better sports massage in my humble opinion, hence I have been a client of Marks for the last two and a half years. My only regret is that I feel slightly ashamed it's taken me so long to write this review!



Alice Cadwgan

(Head of Opperations, PR Company)

I met Mark through Neals Yard Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden. It was a random booking and I could not be more thankful that I met him. In the time I have been treated by him I have felt a considerable improvement in my body's flexibility, pain level and strength. Mark treats in such a caring and thorough manner that I can only recommend him with the highest of praise. He really has made a discernible difference in my life.


Mark Kersey

Been going to see Mark for nearly a year now, I would recommend him to anybody who suffers from muscular aches and pains. Very professional and a great person also. 10/10